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Krispy Kreme

donuts and valves: discover How “Apollo”® powers Krispy Kreme's production

National Donut Day is on June 7, 2024 this year, and it’s a perfect time to share an exciting connection between Aalberts integrated piping systems and the beloved donut shop, Krispy Kreme. Our “Apollo”® Valves, are a crucial component in various industrial applications, they play an integral role in the donut-making process at Krispy Kreme’s headquarters in Southend, Charlotte, NC—coincidentally, the same city where our Aalberts integrated piping systems Americas headquarters is located.

Our “Apollo”® Valves are not just about controlling flow; they’re about enabling perfection in processes, even in making Krispy Kreme’s famed donuts. At their factory in Southend, Charlotte, our 73 series valves are part of a pneumatic system. While this system can be used in a variety of ways, one of them is that it could control the motion of machinery that moves donut dough through the cooking process. The valves have the ability to manage the air pressure that drives a cylinder, helping to push raw dough into the fryer and then lift the golden, cooked donuts out of the oil. Our products aren’t just helpful in automation, it’s about helping smooth the process that allows companies such as Krispy Kreme to continue to provide the quality products they are known for.

For this project, the specific setup includes a shuttle valve that remains unseen from the viewing area but is instrumental in delivering the pneumatic supply pressure needed. Our “Apollo”® Valves ensure that this pressure is meticulously controlled, with a maximum of 50 PSI as indicated on the equipment. The system also includes a pressure gauge reading up to 160 PSI and uses a ¼” press connection to integrate various components, ensuring reliable operation and safety with features like a top-mounted drain and diffuser.

Moreover, the versatility of the “Apollo”® 73 series extends beyond just frying donuts. These valves are capable of handling a range of applications—be it heating, cooling, steam operations, or managing compressed air and vacuum systems. This adaptability makes them suitable for various settings, from residential and commercial buildings to demanding industrial environments such as oil and gas facilities or mining operations.

On a practical level, if there’s ever a need to halt the donut-making process for maintenance, our valves can isolate and shut down specific sections of the machinery. This isolation capability allows for targeted repairs without disrupting the entire operation, demonstrating how integral our products are in maintaining both productivity and safety in food production.

As we approach National Donut Day, we celebrate not only the delicious treats that bring joy to so many but also the sophisticated technology behind them. Our “Apollo”® Valves, found right here in Charlotte, not only underscore our commitment to local industries but also highlight how our engineering supports and enhances the production processes that feed America’s sweet tooth. 

So next time you enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut, remember there’s a bit of Aalberts integrated piping systems precision behind each bite. Happy National Donut Day!

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