scrubber project case study

scrubber project case study

a sustainable future powered by “Apollo”® Valves

At Aalberts integrated piping systems, our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through our innovative solutions in critical infrastructure. A recent project in Gallatin, Tennessee, showcases how our “Apollo”® Valves are contributing to cleaner, more sustainable energy production. 

project overview

The Tennessee plant went through a vital environmental upgrade involving the installation of scrubber technology in their coal-burning power plant. Scrubbers are essential for cleaning gasses emitted from smokestacks, playing a pivotal role in reducing air pollution and curbing the formation of acid rain. This aligns with national efforts to meet stringent Clean Air Act regulations. 

the role of “Apollo”® Valves

For this significant project, our “Apollo”® Valves products were selected for their reliability and performance. Specifically, the 1½” through 4” 87A-90X-24, 300 class fullport stainless flanged valves. These valves were equipped with our AS spring return pneumatic actuators. These valves are known for their durability and precision, crucial in managing the slurry of limestone that neutralizes sulfur dioxide in flue gasses. 

impact and implementation 

Approximately 130 of our actuated valves were integrated into the scrubber system for this project. The successful implementation of these valves not only ensured operational efficiency but also enhanced environmental compliance, significantly reducing sulfur emissions from the plant. 

sustainability and energy efficiency 

This project exemplifies how industrial applications can achieve environmental goals through technological innovation. By utilizing our valves, the Tennessee plant has taken a robust step towards cleaner energy production, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable industry practices. 


This scrubber project is a testament to how Aalberts integrated piping systems and our “Apollo”® Valves brand are at the forefront of supporting the power industry in its transition to more sustainable operations. We are proud to contribute to projects that have a profound impact on environmental preservation and energy efficiency.  

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