Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

revolutionizing travel comfort: “Apollo” Valves vital role in ORD terminal 5’s mechanical upgrade

At Aalberts integrated piping systems, we take immense pride in our products playing a pivotal role in diverse projects that contribute to the betterment of communities and industries. One such recent accomplishment is our collaboration with Autumn Construction Services in their remarkable endeavor at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. We’re thrilled to share how our products were instrumental in Autumn Construction Services’ successful completion of the “ORD Terminal 5 Miscellaneous Mechanical Upgrades” project for Austin Power Partners.

transforming travel with mechanical upgrades

Autumn Construction Services embarked on a mission to enhance the heating systems and controls at ORD Terminal 5, catering to passenger comfort, airline operations, and concessions. Under the umbrella of the ORD 21 Terminal 5 Expansion and Modernization program, this project was not just an upgrade, but a leap towards a more efficient and modern airport experience. The scope encompassed terminal and concourse hold rooms, gate areas, airline operational zones, and concessions spaces.

The challenge was twofold: meticulously itemizing the equipment slated for replacement and executing the project within a 20-month schedule while minimizing disturbances to passengers and airport operations. It was a high-stakes scenario, requiring precision, expertise, and innovative solutions.

"Apollo" Valves to the rescue - a seamless collaboration for success

Central to the success of the mechanical upgrades were “Apollo” Valves’ cutting-edge products. In a project of this scale, where the replacement of existing components was paramount, our top-notch Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, piping systems, and temperature control valves played a crucial role. 

Autumn Construction Services tackled the project head-on by replacing over 350 existing VAV boxes alongside piping and controls. The intricacy of this task demanded products that combine reliability, efficiency, and adaptability. Our VAV boxes proved to be the perfect fit, ensuring optimal airflow control and temperature regulation for diverse spaces within the terminal.

But that’s not all. The task at hand extended further to the replacement of temperature control valves and piping trim. In addition to replacing VAV boxes, Autumn Construction Services replaced existing gate valves with “Apollo” Valves on the new VAV boxes, 145 cabinet/unit heaters, 65 four-pipe fancoils and 30 inline booster pumps. In total over 2,100 “Apollo” Valves were installed on this project. The “Apollo” Valves products exhibited their versatility by seamlessly integrating with a variety of equipment, optimizing performance, and ensuring passengers and operational staff enjoy the best in comfort and efficiency.

The collaboration between Autumn Construction Services and “Apollo” Valves exemplifies the power of synergy in realizing a vision. The ORD Terminal 5 project was not just about replacing components—it was about elevating the airport experience for millions of travelers. The successful execution of the project, completed in January 2023, is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and exceptional products brought to the table.

As ORD 21 Terminal 5 Expansion and Modernization program continues to reshape Chicago O’Hare International Airport, we stand proud of our contribution. At Aalberts integrated piping systems, we remain committed to innovating products that shape a better future for infrastructure, transportation, and countless other industries.

In a world that’s always on the move, we’re here to ensure those movements are smooth, efficient, and comfortable. As we celebrate this milestone with Autumn Construction Services, we look forward to more opportunities to be a part of projects that redefine excellence and elevate human experiences.

The images featured in this blog post have been sourced from a combination of proprietary Autumn Construction Services documentation and publicly available project materials. These images accurately represent the “ORD Terminal 5 Miscellaneous Mechanical Upgrades” project undertaken by Autumn Construction Services for Austin Power Partners at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. 


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