sustainability is in our DNA

It’s in our DNA to work hard and make our company more sustainable over time, whether it’s in our manufacturing operations, our supply chain, or in our logistics management in delivering great products and services to our customers.

In our operations, we are on a continuous path of reducing waste and increasing reuse of materials. from a logistics standpoint, we strategically place manufacturing locations in close proximity to our customers to decrease our transportation emissions and fuel consumption. even from a construction standpoint, our newer facilities meet sustainability requirements from certifying bodies worldwide.

this is how we distribute water hygienically

More efficient use and sustainable water management are critical to address the growing demand for water, threats to water security and the increasing frequency and severity of droughts and floods resulting from climate change.

Each year, Aalberts integrated piping systems delivers over 300,000,000 yards of pipe and connections for the hygienic distribution of drinking, potable and waste water. our solutions ensure clean water and sanitation for millions of households worldwide and focus on efficient water use and water savings. for example the Airfix vessel, an expansion vessel for domestic hot water that saves up to 320 gallons of drinking water per household per year when

The materials used in the distribution systems are of a significant importance. a
high potable water quality begins with the planning and the selection of the right
material. chemical substances must not be present in concentrations that are
harmful to human health. for example, lead in drinking water can be harmful for
humans and more in particular for children. we address such topics by offering
alternatives, like lead free piping systems.

Obviously, our piping systems have all major national and international quality certifications and approvals in this respect, such as NSF/ANSI, KIWA, DVGW and qualify for green building rating systems like LEED and BREEAM. In addition, we offer technologies to protect and improve water quality including filtration, purification and softening.

Finally, the results speak for themselves. over the last three years, we have achieved year-over-year reduction in the areas of carbon emissions, electricity consumption, energy usage, and water use. Like most companies in the manufacturing sector, we still have a long way to go on our sustainability journey. we are proud of our progress and prouder still of the innovative people who will be as relentless in our sustainability efforts as they are in delivering high-performance, quality integrated piping systems and services.