food safety with stainless steel

"Apollo" SmartPress® solutions for food manufacturer

enhancing food safety and efficiency: a case study from the food and beverage industry

At Aalberts integrated piping systems, our commitment to advancing industrial solutions is
exemplified by our recent project with a prominent grocery provider specializing in breaded
chicken breasts in Langley, British Columbia. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of
our “Apollo”® SmartPress® valves and fittings in the food and beverage industry.

project overview
Our client required an upgrade to their production facility to increase the output of breaded
chicken. A critical component of this expansion was the installation of a new freezer system
designed to maintain strict temperature and sanitary standards essential for food safety.

“Apollo” SmartPress® solutions

For this project, approximately 30-40 of our “Apollo” SmartPress® valves and hundreds of fittings were utilized. These components are integral to systems that handle air and water supply, both hot
and cold water applications, and hot water recirculation, which is essential for maintaining the
efficiency of heating systems. The project also included systems for high-pressure washdown
(CIW) and Clean in Place (CIP), critical for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene without
dismantling the equipment.

key benefits of “Apollo” SmartPress®:

  • color-coded Visu-Control® foil: Simplifies material and dimension identification,
    enhancing the safety and speed of installation.
  • Leak Before Press® technology: Our patented sealing element design ensures added
    safety and optimized installation, allowing for detection of any leakage before the system
    is fully pressurized.
  • quick installation: Features like pre-marked insertion depth expedite the installation
    process, significantly reducing downtime and labor costs.

impact on the food and beverage industry
The integration of our “Apollo” SmartPress® valves and fittings not only streamlined the
installation process but also reinforced the safety and efficiency of the client’s operations. The
ability to maintain critical temperatures and ensure sanitary conditions without extensive
maintenance supports continuous, reliable production.

This project highlights how we support the food and beverage industry in overcoming
challenges related to safety, efficiency, and scalability. Our solutions, particularly the “Apollo”
SmartPress® valves and fittings, are designed to meet the rigorous demands of food processing
environments, ensuring that companies can deliver quality products safely and efficiently.

For more information on how our innovative solutions can enhance your food production
processes, contact us today.