about us

about us

where technology matters and progress happens

Since launching in 1975, Aalberts is where technology matters and real progress can be made – from human, financial, and environmental factors. at Aalberts, we create mission-critical products surrounding valve and connection technology supporting our brand, “Apollo”.

our history

Our manufacturing story in America began as the Consolidated Brass Company (later called Conbraco) in 1928, in Detroit, Michigan with a focus on ball cocks, air cocks and similar products. In 1955, the manufacturing operation moved to the Carolinas, spanning both states with three facilities.  in 2010, Aalberts, a global Dutch company, purchased Conbraco. today the “Apollo” brand is manufactured under the company name, Aalberts integrated piping systems, in three locations across South Carolina. Over the past 94 years, our product portfolio has continued to grow, now encompassing ball valves, butterfly valves, safety relief valves, control valves, mixing valves and backflow preventors and more.

These systems are applicable for key verticals in the global market, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and utility. our products are designed and developed by our in-house team of innovators and engineers. Our design services team can assist in helping you determine the best techniques for your application with our products. we are the only company that truly offers customers a complete solution every time, made and sourced from the same organization.

a brand synonymous with quality

Quality takes a balanced approach consisting of people and processes with the right tools for every job. at “Apollo”, everyone owns quality at the source. we don’t make, pass, or accept quality defects. Unlike those who see quality as an end-protector of product integrity, we design and manufacture for high performance, a proactive approach to quality that endures.


  • “Apollo” piping design services  from fabrication and 3D coordination drawings to pipe movement design, equipment detail packages, and more, we’ll have your project ready for piping systems thoroughly optimized for both cost and performance. 
  • actuation wizard  “Apollo” is home for actuators you can trust to perform while meeting cost requirements. let us help you find the right actuator to fit your needs.