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Apollo Class 300 Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve with Stainless Steel Disc, 17-4 PH SS Stem & Pin, RTFM Seats, Standard Service, Lever Operator (2 x Lug Type)

Apollo Class 300 Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve with Stainless Steel Disc, 17-4 PH SS Stem & Pin, RTFM Seats, Standard Service, Lever Operator (2 x Lug Type)


Apollo International™ 215 and 230 Series double offset high performance butterfly valves are available in wafer or lug body design. Stainless steel models are certified lead-free with stainless steel disc and 17-4PH stainless steel stem.

  • 230 Series Class 3000# Carbon Steel, 316 SS - 2" to 24"
  • ISO 5211 mounting flange allows choice of Apollo actuators and manual operators
  • Multi-bolt retainer holds and supports the seat
  • Suitable for bi-directional dead-end service at full pressure-temperature rating
  • Vacuum Service to 29" Hg
  • Soft Seats made from TFM 1700


natural gas compressed air


utility industry


item code size weight dimensions packaging gtin + upc
230L02SSP8TA1 2" (DN50) 14.6 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750093999
230L25SSP8TA1 2-1/2" (DN65) 17.84 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750307683
230L03SSP8TA1 3" (DN80) 20.15 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750094002
230L04SSP8TA1 4" (DN100) 29.41 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750094019
230L05SSP8TA1 5" (DN125) 39.09 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750328909
230L06SSP8TA1 6" (DN150) 50.88 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750094026
230L10SSP8TA1 10" (DN250) 129.5 lb Carton (1 pce) 00670750620362
item code size DN1 DN2 n2 k2 d2-2 D2
230L02SSP8TA1 2" (DN50) DN50 DN50 8 120.5 19 127
230L25SSP8TA1 2-1/2" (DN65) DN65 DN65 8 139.5 22 149
230L03SSP8TA1 3" (DN80) DN80 DN80 8 152.5 22 168
230L04SSP8TA1 4" (DN100) DN100 DN100 8 190.5 22 200
230L05SSP8TA1 5" (DN125) DN125 DN125 8 216 22 235
230L06SSP8TA1 6" (DN150) DN150 DN150 12 241.5 22 270
230L10SSP8TA1 10" (DN250) DN250 DN250 16 362 29 387.5
see above for the diagram with these dimensions.
color silver
materials stainless steel (CF8M (1.4408))
finishing none
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems Americas, Inc. (Apollo)
connection type lug type
product group valves (butterfly valve)
ETIM class EC010910 Butterfly valve
country of origin China
brand Apollo Valves
series 230L/230W - Butterfly Valves
product type 230LX0SSP8TA1
unsps 40141619
label value
ETIM class EC010910 Butterfly valve
Housing material Stainless steel
Surface protection Untreated
Connections Lug type (expired)
FM quality mark No
UL quality mark No
ULC quality mark No
LPCB quality mark No
VdS quality mark No
KIWA certified No
Gastec QA mark No

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