mastering pressure: the essential guide to pressure reducing valves


A Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is a type of valve used to reduce the pressure of a fluid, typically water or steam, in its downstream line. This valve is crucial for protecting plumbing systems from damage caused by high pressure, ensuring system efficiency, and saving on maintenance costs. In this article, we will explore the design, function, and uses of PRVs, shedding light on their importance in various settings.

components of a pressure reducing valve

A PRV typically consists of an inlet port, an outlet port, a spring that controls the diaphragm, and a diaphragm that adjusts to maintain the set downstream pressure. This assembly is crucial for the valve’s ability to regulate pressure.

how it works: the mechanics explained

The PRV operates by balancing the force between a spring and the downstream pressure. The spring’s tension can be adjusted to set the desired pressure level. As the downstream pressure exceeds the set point, the diaphragm compresses the spring, reducing the valve opening and thus the pressure.


domestic use in water systems

In homes, PRVs are installed to control the pressure of the water coming from municipal lines, protecting household appliances and reducing the risk of leaks.

industrial applications in steam systems

In industries, PRVs are essential for controlling steam pressure, which is critical for the safety and efficiency of boilers and other steam-powered equipment.

commercial use in HVAC systems

In commercial buildings, PRVs help maintain appropriate water pressure across heating and cooling systems, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.


preventing water waste

By regulating pressure, PRVs help prevent leaks and bursts in pipes, significantly reducing water wastage.

enhancing safety in piping systems

Properly adjusted PRVs prevent the risk of damage due to high pressure, thereby enhancing the safety of plumbing systems.

reducing maintenance costs

Lower pressure results in less strain on pipes and fixtures, leading to lower maintenance costs and extended system lifespan.

pressure reducing valves vs. pressure relief valves

While both serve essential safety functions, pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are designed to regulate and maintain downstream pressure within a system, ensuring operational stability and protecting against the risks of high pressure. In contrast, pressure relief valves are safety devices that prevent system overpressure by venting excess pressure when it exceeds a predetermined level, thereby safeguarding the system from potential damage or failure.

pressure relief valve
pressure reducing valve

environmental impact consideration

Advancements in pressure reducing valve (PRV) technology increasingly focus on environmental sustainability by optimizing energy use and minimizing system leaks. Modern PRVs enhance system efficiency, reducing the energy required for operations and decreasing carbon emissions. Additionally, improved materials and design reduce leak risks, conserving resources and preventing environmental contamination. 

why choose the Apollo pressure reducing valve

lead-free material

Many Apollo valves, like those in the 36 Series, are made from lead-free materials, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards such as the United States Safe Drinking Water Act. This makes them suitable for potable water applications where lead contamination must be avoided.

dezincification-resistant bronze:

Apollo uses dezincification-resistant bronze in their valve constructions, such as in the 36ELF Series. This material choice provides superior durability and corrosion resistance, which is crucial for maintaining long-term performance and integrity of the valve in various water qualities.

direct-acting design:

The Apollo 36H Series features a direct-acting design. This type of design typically offers reliable performance under varying flow rates and pressures, which is essential for applications requiring precise pressure control.

wide pressure range handling:

Apollo valves are designed to handle a wide range of pressures, making them versatile for different applications. For example, the 36ELF Series can adjust pressures from 15 to 75 psi, accommodating both low and high-pressure applications.

temperature flexibility

These valves are also capable of operating within a broad temperature range, typically from 33°F to 180°F. This temperature flexibility ensures that Apollo valves can be used in a variety of environmental conditions and applications.

easy in-line maintenance:

Apollo valves are engineered for easy maintenance, featuring designs that allow for quick and easy in-line service. This includes simple cartridge removal and replacement, which minimizes system downtime and maintenance costs.

high capacity options

For environments requiring high capacity flow control, Apollo offers valves like those in the 36H and 36HLF Series, which are capable of managing larger volumes and higher flow rates, thus meeting the needs of industrial and commercial applications.

Apollo 36 series
Apollo 36C series
Apollo 36E series
Apollo 36H series


Pressure Reducing Valves are vital components in many plumbing systems, offering benefits of safety, efficiency, and cost savings. As technology advances, the capabilities of PRVs will continue to expand, making them even more integral to modern plumbing systems.

frequently asked questions

1. how to adjust a pressure reducing valve?

To adjust a pressure reducing valve, first locate the adjustment screw on the top of the valve. Use a wrench or screwdriver, depending on the model, to turn the screw clockwise to increase the pressure or counterclockwise to decrease it. Always check the system pressure after making adjustments to ensure it’s within safe operating limits.

2. how to install a pressure reducing valve?

Installing a pressure reducing valve typically involves shutting off the main water supply and draining the existing pipes. Position the valve in the line with the flow direction arrow pointing towards your fixtures. Secure the valve using union fittings or the appropriate connections as specified by the manufacturer. Once installed, slowly turn the water back on and check for leaks.

3. how to replace a water pressure reducing valve?

To replace a water pressure reducing valve, start by turning off the main water supply and draining the system to reduce pressure. Remove the old valve by unscrewing the union nuts or other connections. Install the new valve in the same orientation as the old one, ensuring all connections are tight. Gradually turn on the water and check for leaks.

4. where is the water pressure reducing valve located?

A water pressure reducing valve is typically located where the main water line enters the home or building. It’s often found near the water meter in a basement, utility closet, or garage. The valve will have an adjustment screw on top for setting the pressure and may be connected directly to the meter.

5. can you reduce water pressure by closing a valve?

Reducing water pressure by partially closing a valve is not recommended as it can cause damage to the valve and the plumbing system. Instead, adjusting the water pressure should be done using a pressure reducing valve, which is specifically designed to manage the pressure safely and efficiently.

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