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providing the world’s largest renewable fuel plant with specialty ball valves

Written from Kenzie Kimrey’s perspective.

Providing the World’s Largest Renewable Fuel Plant with Specialty Ball Valves

Aalberts with Apollo Valves had the pleasure of assisting, the soon to be world’s largest renewable fuel plant on the west coast. The project was projected to produce 800 million gallons per year of renewable diesel, renewable gasoline and sustainable jet fuel. These fuels were being repurposed from used cooking oils, fats, greases and soybean oils (fallas).

I had the pleasure of speaking with JR Jefferson, a Business Development Engineer who specializes in petrochemistry. JR was given the opportunity back in 2010 to join the Aalberts team and use his love of chemistry and problem-solving skills every day. JR has had the opportunity to be a part of many product development teams and has also tackled many successful projects, including the renewable fuel plant.

JR had formed a great relationship with the client in the past by completing projects, solving problems, and recommending products that worked effectively for them. This overall, gave us a foot in the door to be a part of this project. According to JR, when we take on projects similar to this, we have a mission to help clients better understand our standards of low emissions technology.

How we pulled it off.

Aalberts has recently been working closely with BSM Valves in the Netherlands. BSM Valves provides high-end specialty ball valves, specifically metal seated 2-plex ball valves. Partnering with BSM Valves successfully completed the package to provide what the client was needing and left no room for our competitors to slide in. We were able to provide everything that was needed within 14 weeks. According to our competition, their lead time was approximately 30 weeks. We successfully cut that in half.

We conquered the challenges.

Nothing worth having comes easy. At Aalberts we take on problems, learn from them, and provide solutions. We ran into supply chain issues involving PCTFE in the United States becoming unavailable. We were able to face this problem and provide an alternative cryogenic material, our standard TFMC, that met their standards and could help speed up the process with completing this project.

Success will always linger.

During a time of COVID-19, supply chain issues, and delayed delivery times. We were able to meet our clients time schedule during a tough down turn, provide solutions that met their demands, and got their plaint up and running and ready for operations. We did it the Aalberts way. Going above and beyond what is asked of us to provide better solutions.

Note: To protect the confidentiality of the client they will remain unnamed for the purposes of this article.

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