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a day at the foundry, ft. Porter Pipe & Supply

In April of 2022, Aalberts integrated piping systems had the pleasure of hosting Porter Pipe & Supply’s industrial team at our foundry in Conway, South Carolina.

Throughout Porter Pipe & Supply’s journey, they have consistently provided quality,

Throughout Porter Pipe & Supply’s journey, they have consistently provided quality, loyalty, and communication to all of their customers. Mario Porter himself provided the statement, “customers buy from Porter Pipe not because of price, but for relationships, for the people, and for reliability…”. It was exciting for us to hear that this distributer was ready to expand into the industrial side of the business. Given this opportunity, we provided the team with an inside look to what we are so proud of.

We began by escorting the industrial team to our foundry in Conway, South Carolina. There, the team was given a brief history lesson on “Apollo” valves and an inside look at every step that is taken to produce our products. Our goal of these tours is to give individuals a hands-on and unique experience so that our distributors have a better understanding of why “Apollo” valves is different from its competition. This experience is impactful for all those that have the pleasure of attending. Don’t just take it from us! Porter Pipe & Supply had a lot to say themselves about their experience.

To make their experience more personal, individual interviews with each member of the industrial team were conducted. Some examples of the questions included but were not limited to: “What about “Apollo” stands out to you?”, “What makes “Apollo” valves your first choice over our competitors?” and “What was the most impressionable part of our tour?”.

Tim Kraulidis, the leader of Porter Pipe & Supply’s industrial team kicked off our interviews. Tim spoke highly of our product and explained why “Apollo” valves is a first choice over other products in the market. Tim states, “Your product is desired by our customer base, they know what they are getting is a quality product, there is 90 plus years behind the company, and they know it is manufactured state side…”.

As a company, we want to drive home that our product is American made and we stand behind the quality of our product. Tim continues, “something that stands out about your product is your warranty…”. “Apollo” offers a five-year warranty on their products compared to the most common, one-to-two-year warranty.” This not only drives home to our customers that we stand behind our product, but we stand behind the customers as well.

Continuing our interviews, we gave each and every individual the chance to tell us something that impressed them about our product, stood out to them about our company, or to provide an example of something that they took away from their tour. Zak Malawy states, “today provided an awesome visual representation of everything they do as a company and how they take care of their materials and their personnel…”. Jody Hamilton included, “I was blown away that so much of the process is done in the U.S… so many other people are firing out their product internationally”.

We can successfully say that Porter Pipe & Supply experienced the Aalbert’s way; Good is never good enough. Zak Malawy concluded the interviews with stating to the group, “…they are growing as much as we are, and that is a great partnership to have…”. Followed by the group stating, “Absolutely”.

It was truly an honor to spend a few days with the Porter Pipe team to learn about their business and how we both can continue to grow our partnership together.

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