people & culture

people & culture

The Aalberts way

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, and we believe in winning with people. That’s the Aalberts Way worldwide, and we live our values each day:

We explore and make dreams happen.

We adapt, innovate and focus on our customers requirements and give back so much more than they expect.

We are responsible for achieving our own cmmitments.

Proactive, accountable, and empowered to perform.

We are passionate, self-critical and persitent in everything we do.

We challenge the status quo, push boundaries and think outside the box. and we deliver results.

We learn from each other by being professional and open-minded.

We get better everyday. we are not afraid of failure. In fact, we embrace it as a valuable stop on the route to success.

We lead by example, act transparently and speak up.

We are professional at all times, and in everything we do.

Multinational employees, one unique culture

As part of a multinational company, the Americas team believes that we bring the shared values of Aalberts worldwide to our unique culture here. Key to our success in the American market are our commitments to performance management, continuous learning, employee engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To open up learning opportunities across our entire company footprint, we have entered a partnership with LinkedIn learning, where employees can acquire, enhance, and build a variety of skills and expertise that fit their current roles and prepare them for different functional roles and leadership opportunities. 

We are also bringing the Aalberts Connect and Fit program stateside for development of our leadership team. To connect at Aalberts means to understand yourself and your value to the company, while fit means you understand your style of leadership and the personal brand you bring to a management role. 

During the pandemic, we conducted our first-ever employee engagement survey company-wide, and the result has been a leadership team more driven to be proactive to create a framework and processes for real culture to grow within our Americas team. 

Finally, there is much work to be done at every company, including our own, with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are on a journey, as we strive to become more diverse in many dimensions. We are making our company a place where people of different races and ethnicities, genders, orientations, as well as those living with disabilities can come together and enjoy working both individually and as a team. 

Aalberts connect and fit

Aalberts is a place where everyone comes together in that pursuit of excellence, bringing our passion for quality, continuous improvement, and  innovation to products proudly made in the USA.